Cedar Roof Moss And Lichen Cleaning


The growth on this cedar roof started the very first day the cedar shingle were installed.  The spores for moss travel in the air.  They indiscriminately land everywhere on the cedar shingles but it will grow faster where there is no sunlight.  Therese areas retain more moisture giving it the advantage to grow moss and mold in these ares.  Moss and lichen develop root systems into roofing shingles. This is how moss stays on the roof regardless of wind and heavy rain. As the root spreads it slowly tears the shingle apart. Forcibly removing moss and lichen can leave permanent scars on the roofing shingle. Never let anyone attempt to remove moss and lichen with a stiff brush or a pressure washer. Our non-pressure process allows the dead moss to die, dry out and decompose. As it dries the root system becomes brittle and will detach on its own. This allows minimal granular loss to the shingle. It can take a few weeks for the dead moss to wash away with rains.


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Roof moss and lichen has become a real nuisance to homeowners in New Jersey. Many home owner insurance carriers will cancel policies for houses or buildings with roof moss. The roof is most likely the most expensive part of any building. Overall a roofing shingle requires minimal maintenance. Keeping a roof free of moss, mold and lichen can extend the life of a roof for 5 years or more.  Cedar roof cleaning is not a complicated process.  There is a lot of prep for covering and rinsing landscape.  The detergent is carefully penciled onto the cedar shingle.  It is then rinsed then neutralized.